Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adding Gazateers

Well about time for an update!

I am adding Gazeteers for each of the Kingdoms, and am working on maps for each kingdom and The Diamond Shores. Of course, this isn't a world made by George Lucas(just swamps, or desert, or forest, or ice), so there is more than just islands and beaches, but a full world map will be a ways off. Just concentrating on the Shores right now.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Designer Notes #1 - Background

The Diamond Shores is a campaign setting for Fantasy Roleplaying. It is not system specific, although D&D v3.0 is what I currently run, with an occasional foray back to the Red and Blue D&D versions (ah the simple times).

I have always been enthralled with map making, and populating, and general world building. I am a land planner by trade, so the idea of cartography is no stranger to me. I have unbelievable technology at my fingertips everyday. I hope that as I find time to update this blog, I will infuse this campaign world with some great graphics and visuals so The Diamond Shores comes to life.

So why the Diamond Shores?

I was looking for an evocative name for a unique fantasy setting, based upon a lot of island chains, tropical jungle, sea borne adventures, high piracy, and a twist on some classic fantasy races. The Diamond Shores was the name that did it for me.

So what is The Diamond Shores?

It describes the white sand beaches that dominate the islands in TDS. The waters are that deep pacific and carribean blue, that's almost unreal to look at, the jungles are lush and green, and deadly.

Its a setting of human races, elven race, dwarven races, goblinoid races, lizardmen races, all focused on being sea faring. A wilder, less refined, world.

More Later. Hope you enjoy the fluff to come.